If you have questions after reading this, I'm easy to reach, look:
- the best way to ask me about mfthours, or to report problems, is to use the "Contact a human" tab.
- the next best way is to text me at (818) 584 6789. Tell me your username, but not your password.
- you can email with your username and your question. That's not a fast way.
- and you could find our postal address on this page and other pages. That takes even longer.


Mfthours is a pro bono service offered entirely free, to California's future therapists and counselors, by a therapist and a retired therapist. We're not subject to the European or Californian business-privacy laws, because we aren't a business and have no staff and no income. All the same, we'd like you to know these facts:

Our job is counting your hours of experience, filling out State of California forms for you (if you want that), and reporting to you regularly about the status of your supervisors' licenses and your own registration (if you want that). We may add other related services. You're welcome.

To do our job, we use data from public records, and we ask you about yourself and your supervisor(s). You don't have to answer, so long as you're ok with a lower quality of service. And obviously we keep some basic info to verify your identity every time you sign in.

When you sign in using Google or LinkedIn, we ask them your full name and your account number. That's all we want and all we get. We keep these two items, to try to be sure it's you every time you sign in. We'll delete these items as fast as possible whenever you ask, using the "Contact a human" tab... if we know for sure who's asking!

And we'll delete ALL your data any time you ask. From that day on, your account, including your hours, won't exist. Or if an account is idle for six months, we'll try to contact the owner at the last email address they gave us, and later (usually one month) we'll remove their data.

We never share your information with anyone.


We use cookies to help manage the website, and not for anything else. Our service couldn't work without them. They help us confirm your identity and exclude hackers, when you sign in and while you're using mfthours. That's all they do.

We don't let advertisers or anyone else use mfthours to install their own cookies on your computer.

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